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The Love Event


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The Love Event Has Ended!

This event was held on September 2022, 9th, 10th & 11th with an amazing array of speakers that included; Diana von Welanetz Wentworth, Ken Honda, Bernardo Moya, Mas Sajady, Greg Reid, David Fagan, Dame Doria Cordova, Jen Du Plessis, and much more.

Some of the titles of the TALKS were :

“The Science of Igniting Love” by Mas Sajady
“Expect Magic!” by Diana Wentworth
“Love from the Inside Out” by Robert Mack
“Becoming significant: How to invoke sacred words that unlock the real power” by David Fagan
”What Trust and Santa Clause have in Common” by Dr Darcy
”Living a Life of Luxury” by Jen Du Plessis
“Secret of Happiness” by Greg Reid
“Choose Your Frequency, Choose Your Life” by Barbie Layton
“How to be Loved by Money” by Ken Honda

Some of the titles of the PANEL’s titles were:

“Aliens, Ghosts and the Super Natural (Understanding they beyond)”
“Love is Good Businesses. How Businesses are succeeding AND making a difference”
“Radical Alternative Healing”
“Speakers for Making the World a Better Place”
“Tough Love Leadership”
“Do we find Love or Cultivate it?”
“Taboo Sex Topics Expert Panel “Rated R” (Sophisticated Sex Conversations for the Curious)”

You can watch on The Best You TV App all of The Love Event’s amazing content: Authors, Creators, and World Leaders’ Talks & Panels. Get inspired by their talks.

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