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Mas Sajady’s “Mas XPerience”

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The Mas Xperience is an adventure in becoming your limitless self, just by listening. 
What makes the show radically different?

While listening, Mas uses a new interactive learning method where you become immersed in the frequencies of the topic, helping you live from the knowledge, going far beyond the conscious level. 

Mas Sajady is an expert on transforming lives the fastest way possible. His methods break through the limitations of psychology, self-improvement and even gene therapy. The timeless wisdom Mas shares come from the outer limits of spacetime, where the possibilities of the human experience are beyond anything you’ve imagined. 

Mas has died twice for this wisdom…the first time to experience what human potential could be, the second to learn how to rewrite the human blueprint for sustainable abundance. In both experiences, Mas came back alive with the powerful abilities to change the course of humanity, and the responsibility of leading the consciousness evolution. 

*Mas’ abilities have been studied and verified by Dr. Octavio Pino and Dr. Norman Shealy, acclaimed neurosurgeon and pain medicine pioneer, as well as several clinical research institutes. For the fastest way to gain a broad understanding of how Mas works and his teachings, please listen to his Xponential Intelligence Podcast or read his clients’ success stories

  • Listen - Transform - Elevate

    Listen - Transform - Elevate

    • The Mas XPerience
    • July 11, 2021
    In his first episode "Listen - Transform - Elevate”. Mas shares the story of his two Near Death Experiences and how the knowledge he discovered through these events allows YOU to understand what this reality is about. Mas calls this body of knowledge “Xponential Intelligence (XI)“. XI is the one key that helps you to become the best possible version of yourself and abundant in all areas of life. Mas explains who this show is for and how the advanced technologies of XI can change your life just by listening.
  • The XI Phenomena

    The XI Phenomena

    • The Mas XPerience
    • July 18, 2021
    Could Xponential Intelligence be the breakthrough technology that can elevate humans to the next level of possibilities?
  • What is Consciousness?

    What is Consciousness?

    • The Mas XPerience
    Everything you experience in your life is dictated by the Consciousness you are in. In this episode, Mas discusses the limited understanding of ‘Consciousness’ in today’s world and why the true definition is so important to elevate your life and to solve the problems of humanity.
  • 3 Ingredients that Predict Your Level of Happiness

    3 Ingredients that Predict Your Level of Happiness

    • The Mas XPerience
    • July 31, 2021
    Do you ever wonder why success doesn’t equal happiness? Why at times it even seems like the opposite is true, especially for extremely successful people? In this episode, Mas shares the three ingredients of life that predict how happy you will be with your success.
  • Wealth and the Consciousness Effect

    Wealth and the Consciousness Effect

    • The Mas XPerience
    • August 8, 2021
    What is wealth? And what does it have to do with consciousness? Why are success or abundance most of the time not satisfying or fulfilling? And what does this have to do with awakening? Mas shares the XI definition of Spherical Abundance and why you naturally gravitate towards abundance in all areas of your life the closer you get to your Timeless Self.
  • Realities? Consciousness? Knowing the Difference Changes Everything

    Realities? Consciousness? Knowing the Difference Changes Everything

    • The Mas XPerience
    • August 22, 2021
    Realities? Consciousness? Knowing the Difference Changes Everything Your only purpose in life is to become singular. In this episode, Mas goes deep into the science of XI and helps you understand the difference between realities and consciousness and how being able to tell the difference helps you to connect with your Limitless Self.
  • The 4th Spacetime Coordinate and the Consciousness Effect

    The 4th Spacetime Coordinate and the Consciousness Effect

    • The Mas XPerience
    • September 5, 2021
    In this high frequency infused episode, Mas talks about timestamps, sleep deprivation, time travel and how to unlock the master key to your limitless potential - complete abundance.
  • World Peace and the Consciousness Effect

    World Peace and the Consciousness Effect

    • The Mas XPerience
    • September 19, 2021
    What do you think of when you think of World Peace, what does it mean to you? In this episode, Mas helps you to expand your inner self to understand why Peace is not an option in this Consciousness and what we need to do to make it happen.
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