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You asked, we answered!

1. How big is the reach of The Best You TV?

The reach of the platform is over 300 million people, that’s the reach of Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, and Google Play combined. Between them all, it exceeds three hundred million. Now because we are on IOS and Google Play, it also means anyone with an android or IOS Phone can watch it too and that means billions of people.

2. How can I actually watch it?

It’s simple! You can watch it via an Apple TV box, Amazon stick, or a Roku box. There, you search for the APP within their apps stores, download it once, and “voila” just like you download a new app to your phone.

You can also watch it on Google Play or IOS so you can watch it anywhere, anytime on your phone or iPad, or tablet.

3. What are your viewing numbers?

The channel is only a few months old so we are in the process of uploading content and creating awareness but have no doubt, the people that are already on the channel, and will be coming on in the coming months are massive influencers with millions of followers. Like Mas Sajady, Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, Paul O’Mahony and so much more.

4. Are you the same as Gaia?

It’s Similar, Gaia started mainly as a platform for Yoga and meditation. The Best You TV will aim at catering to ALL the wellbeing industry.

5. What is a channel?

Within our network we have multiple channels or playlists, just like in NX or Apple TV you can find, latest movies, trending now, documentaries, etc. It’s the same with The Best You TV, any individual or brand can own a channel within the network and have up to thirty episodes and multiple seasons per show.

6. Does The Best You TV have shows or channels?

Yes, we own multiple, The Best You EXPO talks (one for each expo), those talks have the likes of Les Brown, Ken Honda, Jack Canfield, Marie Diamond, John DeMartini, Richard Bandler, Marisa Peer and so many more. Inspiring People Interviews (Season I available now, Season II coming soon). NLP Life Talks and coming soon The Best Series where we interview The Best Speakers, The Best Coaches, The Best Authors, and The Best Mentors and also coming soon the How To. Learn from The Best.

7. If I want to have my own channel at The Best You TV, can I co-own it, if I would like with other colleagues?

Yes, absolutely. We have many people producing channels in conjunction with other colleagues, share costs, double the exposure, creating a professional channel together.

8. Can you fund my TV interview or channel?

Yes, we have payment plans and we also offer third party funding which will enable you to have affordable monthly payments till all the revenue starts coming in.

9. What other channels are available now and coming soon?

Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, Thriving in the new normal (30 episodes) is available now. Coming soon too Mas Sajady “Consciousness Experience” is coming live in July plus Nicola Smith Jackson and Paul O’Mahony’s “Rethink TV channel is coming soon too”.

10. Can I see an example of an episode?

Yes, we have multiple episodes available to view and in production, contact us and we will send you a few links.

11. How do you promote the TV network?

Through our network and also through our partners and channel owners, soon through ROKU campaigns.

12. How are the TV series filmed?

Some remotely via Streamyard or other platforms and others filmed at homes and live studios

13. What happens to my episode after the 2 years on demand are up?

You simply renew your content.

14. Can I stream my live event on The Best You TV?

Yes, we sincerely believe it’s the future, we believe the future of live events is meant to be on TV. We have promoted our latest EXPOs and future events will also be streamed on TV. It’s simply another platform, a much less populated one with hundreds of millions of new clients. It’s also an opportunity for your event and brand to stand out, and to generate additional revenue from sponsors and advertisers.

15. Does The Best You TV own my content?

No, the content belongs to the content provider and can be used or seen on other channels or campaigns.

16. What if I don’t have an infomercial already made to insert into my show, can you help?

Yes, we have a highly-skilled talented team who can create an infomercial for you. Depending upon how much footage you have already and how much needs to be produced will depend on the cost.

17. Do you have to approve the sponsor for my channel?

Yes, there are restrictions about who and what product or services we permit to sponsor our client’s content, we are the Best You, and our values must be upheld. Speak to us before you go out looking for a sponsor and we will guide you.

18. Can I refer other clients to The Best You TV and cover the cost of my own show or channel?

Yes, we have a fabulous referral program in place for this, we understand that many of our clients have big networks and we actively encourage them to refer others to reduce or eliminate their investment.

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